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Adi Specialty Nursery distributed planting materials for the crops that were developed by Adi Pepper Farm and Research Center. We envisioned implementing changes in plantation and farming practices. We believed that if we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we are not truly living. Our goal was to implement on-farm Paramparagatha technologies to bring about positive changes. Moreover, these pramparagatha technologies are cost-effective, efficient and can easily be integrated.

Available plants in the nursery.

  1. Adi Pepper

  2. Different varieties of Piper Nigrum

  3. Bush Pepper

  4. Pepper terminal shoots

  5. Gandurekke/Plagiotrophic plants (Robusta)

  6. Semi-gandurekke/Semi-plagiotrophic plants (Rubusta)

  7. Vegetative propagated Robusta plants (VP cuttings)

  8. Robusta x Arabica and Robusta suckers x Arabica Gandurekke/Plagiotrophic grafted plants

  9. Coffee seedlings

  10. Narendra Banana plants

  11. Garvale Passion fruit

  12. Namopathre/Mullesua Pepper plants

  13. Wild edible fruit plants

  14. Fruits and Ornamental plants

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