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The world has known only one variant of black pepper for a very long time. It’s time we open our senses to the new king of spices “Adi Pepper”. This pepper has been pampered by Mother Nature without any manual intervention and it is the purest available species of black pepper that you will come across. Its adaptive characteristics has helped preserve its authenticity. It can be a sustained crop for cultivation which would help in maintaining the ecological balance. Encouraging the cultivation of this species of pepper would lessen the dependency on artificial water sources as it can survive on its own.

Adi Pepper is unique because of its flavour, size, appearance and medicinal properties. It is naturally distributed and is native to the highlands of Garvale (Coorg). The speciality of the pepper lies in it taking a longer time to develop and mature in the vine (up to 14 months) enhancing its flavour and quality.

Each corn is separated carefully from the catkin by hand; treated with hot water to remove impurities and sun-dried in trays to make sure that the corn is edible straight from the tray.

Given the importance of staying healthy during these testing times, Adi Pepper is a much-needed addition to our kitchen that will immensely improve our overall health and immunity.

Adi Pepper is the first and only species among the black pepper species to be recognized and registered as “Farmer Plant Variety” by the “Plants Varieties Registry”.

Packed & Marketed by: COORG HIGHLAND FLAVORS
154 Apparanda Layout, Suntikoppa Village, Somvarpet, Kodagu, Karnataka - 571237

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